Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Rite Stampers - Where To Start?

Just Rite Stampers is a fairly new company with a super hot product!! These stamps make personalising a dream! Although we have only listed a few products at the moment, there are many more available.

Want to try Just Rite, but don't know where to start? Think about what kind of project you are thinking about using them for......if you want to do Monograms with a decorative border, a great place to start is with the 'DIY Monogram Stamper Kit'. This kit includes the 1 5/8in Wooden Stamper (please check the products as the wooden stamper does not come with all sets, but can be bought individually), a large uppercase font and 3 Damask borders. You will also need to purchase an ink pad in the colour you wish to use as Just Rite does not come with ink pads.

To complement this set is the '10 Designer Centers and Borders'. This set includes 10 centres such as Happy Birthday to You, Best Wishes, Thank You and Get Well Soon along with 10 decorative borders that can all mix and match with each other. These are designed to fit the 1 5/8 Wooden Stamper.

Don't want decorative borders but want to create a person saying around the border? Easy - use the 'Small Letter Set' which has several tiny alphabets designed to fit in the outer groove of the 1 3/8in stamper and all other stampers as well. This set is all upper case, numbers and extras.

1 5/8in isn't big enough?? Try the 2in, 2 3/8in or 3 1/4in sets.  Too big - try the 1 3/16in circle.

Don't want Circles?? There are also Ovals, Squares or you can buy the Rectangular Blocks and Font Sets to make you own personalised stamps. Can't find a stamp that says exactly what you want? Make your own......make it JUST RITE!!!

For more ideas and products visit JUST RITE . (Remember this is the American site and any prices will differ in Australia.)

PS. The other great thing about Just Rite.......they match perfectly with NESTABILITIES!!!

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